With Love, From Haiti

February 22, 2010

Josh is serving in Haiti this week with an organization called Thirst No More. I am sure when he returns we will post more stories and pictures, to give you some idea of the devastation that these people are having to endure. I wanted to give you a glimpse of what Josh shared with me last night. A grandma came into the clinic with her 3 week old grandchild. Josh was able to hold and comfort the child as she was examined. During this time he learned the grandma was his age, 34. When he released the child into her arms and she left the clinic, it left him shaken. What kind of future did this newborn child have, where were her parents (who are roughly the age of our son), would she ever know a world without heartache?

Yes, the earthquake has brought Haiti to our attention. However, ask any of the survivors, and they would tell you they were hungry before a building ever shook. Ask any survivor, and they would tell you the corruption was thick before the rubble ever fell. And I ask myself, how have we forgotten these people? Who will remember them in years to come? When the novelty of this disaster fades, who will advocate for these men, women, and children? I’m not sure I have the answers, but I am seeking my heart to find them.


One comment

  1. wow! Good stuff. Good thoughts. Things we need to remember and never forget. Thanks for sharing!

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