March 3, 2010

Today we found out that we are officially Gladney approved. What does that mean you ask? More waiting of course! We still have to have CIS and FBI clearance to come back, and then we will be put on the coveted wait list!!!! We are at week 9 for the FBI clearance, so maybe 3-4 more weeks. Praying for 3, not 4, but we are soooo close!

Once wait list comes around, we are being told average wait time is 5 months (up from 4)….so, we are praying praying praying to see our baby girl’s face in August (or anything before)!



  1. YEAH YEAH YEAH!! We got the good news today too!

  2. I love to be on the “approval train!” Celebrating with you!!!!!!

  3. So happy for the Arkins and the Page families. I can’t wait to meet your little children. Until then I am praying for smooth sailing all the way from Ethiopia to Northwest Arkansas.

  4. Yeah!!!!! I’M SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! 😀

    Praying for you, sweet friends.

  5. congratulations!

  6. Congrats!

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