Toddlers, Toddlers everywhere….

September 8, 2010

Today was our first Africa adoption get together since the Spring. It was so fun to catch up with all the other Mommies, and see all the kids. I have to be very honest though, I am worn out. I haven’t had a little one at home for a very long time….I mean VERY LONG TIME.

So, it made my heart skip a little faster. To sit and realize the magnitude of how our lives are going to change. No more popping into the grocery store, no more impromptu lunches, no more naps at will, no more peaceful days at home, dealing with temper tantrums, having to take potty breaks, cutting of food, messy hands, messy sand boxes, swing pushing, juice spilling, knee scraping, no toy sharing…..the list goes on and on.

But, when I watched these little ones, and sat and thought about her, here is what I dream of: chubby hand holding, sweet snuggles, funny faces, jumbled words, the trust of a child, unconditional love, the amazement of something new,  earning her trust, knowing some think we saved her (but really she will save us), big brothers and sister caring for their little one, zerberts, giggles, bubble baths, bows….How could I ever second guess myself?

So, for the next 5/6 months or so I am going to enjoy this time before she gets here, but when my life changes I know it will be for far more and far better things than I could ever imagine.



  1. oh, you are going to adjust so well Jennifer! And if you need more practice, just come over again anytime, I would love it and so would Rhett!! 🙂

  2. I love it!!!! You will jump back into the swing with no problems! You are an awesome Mommy! All of your children are so blessed to have you. Can’t wait to love on your sweet “chubby hands” from across the world!

  3. Hi-

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, can you believe I am at the top of the FBI list. Who knew I would ever make it there! LOL Let’s see what happens! Look forward to you making it there as well. BTW…your family is too cute!


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