The seasons of waiting……

November 13, 2010

Friday makes seven months of waiting. Like many things, spring marked the beginning for us. The air was warming up, the wind was angry, and life was waking from a long winter nap. Our wait began with renewal and the beauty of things to come. We waited through the summer. With waves of heat, splashes of salt water, and lazy days. We dreamed of her through giggles and sandy toes and chalky sidewalks. The maple tree in my front yard tells me now it is fall. Its leaves burn orange and red. The air is growing cold, the days are shorter. Gone are the shouts of summer, my house is quiet from 8-2. We still wait. Soon, winter will be here with its cold breath putting everything back to sleep. The night will be still and silent, the stars will tell their majestic story. We will celebrate the birth of a Savior, and wait for the one He has given us.



  1. beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the news of referral!

  2. that was beautiful Jennifer.

  3. beautiful jennifer

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mike Rusch and Jennifer Arkins, joyprimm. joyprimm said: RT @jenarkins The seasons of waiting…. #adoption http://tinyurl.com/26zecqv // so beautiful […]

  5. thinking of you…”The seasons of waiting” is beautiful, your love and devotion shines thru

  6. Beautifully written, by my beautiful friend who I will always love in a very special way. I miss seeing you, but please, please know that you and your precious family are always in my thoughts and prayers. Praying always for the “one” that He will bring to the Arkins home to be loved and to know the love of Jesus and a real family.

  7. I know there is pain in the waiting, but the JOY and CELEBRATION when she lands in your arms will make it all worth while…praying for you guys!

  8. Gives me chills! Praying for our little ones!

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