August 31, 2011

My dear friends Scott and Mollie were in Ethiopia a couple of weeks ago. Mollie sent me these sweet words about M “….she is amazing. When we walked into the room I spotted her immediately. She was standing toward the back of the room, observing. Many of the kids rushed toward us, she slowly walked forward. I had my camera in hand so Scott walked over to her and extended his hand. She immediately put her hand in his and smiled from ear to ear. She came alive! She giggled, and smiled, and laughed. I think she was impressed that we knew her name. Her eyes smile, as well. They are so beautiful! M has tons of personality, and Gladney is taking such good care of her. Within 5 minutes she was giving me sweet hugs and kisses. Scott and I said that she will be perfect for your family, because she is so affectionate. SNUGGLE BUG! She is going to be such a blessing to your family”. Those little details made this Mamma’s heart melt. When information is limited, you cling to every detail you can get.

Upon their return, I asked Scott to tell me his thoughts about her. He repeated all that Mollie had said. He then thought for a moment, and said “genuine”. The best word he could use to describe her was genuine. At first I thought genuine was a funny word used when describing a toddler. GENUINE. What does that mean? I keep turning that word over in my head. I’ve looked it up and pondered the definition. It’s really not a big deal, but for some reason I couldn’t let it go. In the dictionary, genuine means to be honest, sincere, real. I think of all the amazing women who have shared their details of my baby girl. That she is kind, joyful, sweet, loving. I think of her face, and her smile, her sweet disposition…. I think that it’s genuine, and I couldn’t think of anything more lovely.



  1. “Genuine,” that character trait will take her far in her life; especially with her godly parents who will be training her in the way she should go……to know, to love, and to serve Jesus.
    I love you and yours so much,

  2. Love it. Can’t wait for her to be home!!

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