Our trip to Africa

December 5, 2011

So sorry, I am horrible about updating this thing….life has a funny way of happening. I sent emails home to our family and friends during our first trip to Africa for our court date. Here is day 1.

We met her today!! It was precious. When we walked into the care center her special mamma was getting her shoes on to go outside to play. Before any of us could get across the room we were attacked by a room of precious little ones. We literally had cuties hanging from our legs. I finally got in front of Melawit. SHE IS PERFECT. I gave her a little hug and she timidly hugged me back, but then she spotted Wells. She yelled his name and pointed at him. She ran to him threw her arms around him and planted a HUGE kiss on his face. He lost it and burst into tears. It was a very sweet, emotional moment. She literally followed him around almost all day. She did warm up to the rest of us, and lots of hugs and kisses followed, but she knew her big brother and he was in the spotlight. She is friendly, and funny, and she might be a tad bit bossy :)…. She is BIG, and not in diapers!!! We played outside for a long time, ring around the rosie, chase, horseback rides. We then went inside for their “snack”….girl put down a huge bowl of oatmeal. At the end of the meeting they started clapping and singing, and you will die when you see her do the shoulder shimmy!!!! It was very hard to leave. She started to pout, then she started to cry…then we all started to cry. it was a long ride home 😦 We are just so thankful that she was happy to see us, that she is so healthy, that we are so close to bringing her home. pray for our hearts, but please pray for hers…we get to see her tomorrow, and Saturday before we leave. She knows what good-bye means, and that is the hardest part of all.


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  1. She is darling. Love that picture of you three!

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