Ethiopia Day #2

December 17, 2011

Day #2 with Melawit was good. Orion woke up at 2 a.m. getting sick, very sick. He continued to throw up every hour for 12 hours :(, so he didn’t get to go see sister. When we got to the care center, Yohanna Robbins was in the courtyard getting some sun with the babies, so we stopped to love on her for a minute. Solomon, our driver entered the care center before us. He said Melawit ran up to him and was saying in Amharic “where are they, where are they”. She was waiting at the door when we entered, ready to play. She was less shy today, and Solomon had taught us some phrases, so we were able to ask for kisses, to hold her, and to play. That seemed to make the transition easier. She is much bigger than we thought she would be. Josh says she is a brick house 🙂 She just seems healthy to me. Her skin is beautiful, she does have 2 molluscum on her eye (which are very contagious between the kids there). Genet told us what to do when we got her home to treat them. Her hair is healthy and a very loose curl, she is happy to sit while her special mamma fixes it. Of course, her speciall mamma is very fast, so not sure how well she’ll do for us. She laughs a lot, and she might be a hoarder. The kids brought their backpacks, because the kids had loved to go through Josh’s the day before. Melawit would go through the stuff and made a pile of the things she wanted to “keep” and moved her pile from place to place not wanting anyone to touch them. I’m sure this is a normal behavior from a child who literally shares everything in her care center (and the fact that she is 3 and may just not like to share). We brought suckers for the kids and they were a hit. Melawit was so afraid she would lose hers, it took some time for us to convince her to let us take the wrapper off. It was a great visit, and leaving was less traumatic for all of us. I think it helped that we came back, so it makes me sad thinking of her anticipation of our return when we leave Saturday.

The next three days are filled with seeing the country. We are visiting the leprosy hospital today, going to the largest market in Africa. Tomorrow we drive to the top of Entoto mountain, visit some churches with Belay, and get to go to a pizza party at Kechene the government orphanage for girls in Addis. Friday is court, then 2 more orphanage visits. Saturday we will have our last visit with Melawit…hopefully we will officially be her parents.

Thank you for all the prayers, Orion is feeling much better. We continue to be healthy and our hearts are strong. The girls at the guest house are amazing, and have been teaching Wells how to shoulder shimmy (Ethiopian traditional dance). The kids LOVE it here, and it has done my heart good to see them care for one another and those around them. Truly seems to bring out the best in them. Please continue to pray for us.

Josh, Jen and crew


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