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June 28, 2011

So, we have all spent our fair share dreaming about the day the call would come in. Everyone says it will come when you least expect it. I guess this theory is true. Tuesday morning, my son Wells crawled into bed with me. We talked about what our day was going to look like. He then casually said, “Mom, we are going to get our referral today”. I sighed and swallowed back heartbreak and told him “honey, it isn’t going to happen today. As a matter of fact, it is probably going to be a very long time”. He just shrugged and we went about planning our day.

Later that afternoon, we went swimming. I couldn’t get over a little bit of sadness from the conversation I had with Wells that morning. I texted another adopting mom and told her how discouraged I was. We exchanged the usual: feeling blue, will pray for each other encouragement we give to each other weekly. I went on visiting with my friend who was with me at the pool, and tried to put the sadness aside. We were deep into conversation when my phone rang at 3:41, out of habit I checked it and COULD NOT BELIEVE the area code popping up. Kristin told me she wouldn’t call unless it was “THE CALL”, so I knew.

I started screaming in the phone, crying, shaking, she confirmed indeed it was time. I told her I would get Josh and call her back. I sat in the lounge chair for a moment just sobbing and my sweet friend Tressa had to kind of take over, because at this point I wasn’t really functioning. I called Josh, of course he didn’t answer, so I called the office assistant (in what I am sure sounded like a crazy wife, feel sorry for that guy call) and he pulled him out of his meeting. I texted several friends the code we had devised when the call came in….817. I then shakingly drove home, thankful it was just the next neighborhood over, it wasn’t pretty.

Josh and I then sat for an hour and looked at the most beautiful, tiny, perfect 3 year old you’ve ever seen. She has HUGE brown eyes, long long lashes, sweet chubby cheeks. I mean she is delicious. We cried, and laughed, and went through every emotion. We celebrated, we mourned, we grieved, we gave thanks. It is so hard to explain the feeling of joy that comes from such sorrow, but that is what it is. We prayed for her and then we called our friends and family (who are so close to us we really don’t know the difference).

For the next 4 hours, our house had a constant stream of people coming in to celebrate the life of a little girl we’ve never met, but love with all our hearts. For those that couldn’t come, our phones blew up with text and calls. Of course, there were tons who would have come to celebrate, but I forgot to notify them…note to adoptive parents: this is like birth, make your call list before hand. You will not be thinking rationally.

Miraculous stories started coming in: families that had gone to Ethiopia and had met and fallen in love with M, to a family that was there at the time of our referral, and went to spend time with her the very next day, to my brother in law who was there with Kidmia 3 weeks before our referral and snapped her picture in hopes that she could be the one. Our family was shown over and over that she was worth the wait and meant for us.

So, now we wait through summer into the fall. We will begin praying for a quick court date in October. I can not wait to feel her chubby hand in mine. I can’t wait to see her snuggle in her Daddy’s lap. I can’t wait to hear her giggle at her brothers and sister. She is ours and I can’t wait…..



April 19, 2011

I’ve been a pretty lousy blogger. I just haven’t really known what to say. Today marks a year of waiting. Obviously, it has been hard. I told someone that I felt like I had a year of Lent, not 40 days. But, I would do it all over again. As we approach Easter Sunday, I am reminded who I find my strength in. I will stand firm in His resurrection, I will rest in His promise that we are not alone, I will find comfort in His grace and love. And I will wait as long as it takes to bring her home.


8 months and Advent

December 24, 2010

A little over a year ago, I made my first blog entry on this very beach. At the time we had no clue we’d be semi-living here, and not in my wildest dreams did I think we’d still be waiting for a referral.

But, here we are….watching the waves crash, enjoying the warm weather, having mashed plantains instead of mashed potatoes, and still dreaming of our little girl.

It seems fitting our waiting is coming to an end (we hope) during the Advent season. It wasn’t so long ago I learned Advent means “coming”, so we wait with expectation for what’s to come. My heart has ached with anticipation of this little girl, and my need for her to be here.

To be honest, I’m ashamed. In my own desire, my own need, my own want. In my anticipation and hope. I have conveniently forgotten the heartbreak, the hunger, the pain of another mother, thousands of miles away, whom during the coming of her own child realized she couldn’t care for her.

And if I was truly transparent, I would tell you, that during my selfish yearning and desire. I haven’t really let my head think of THE mother, who waited for THE child to come. A woman, not to far from where my little girl waits. Who braved judgement and the elements, to give birth to a child. A Son, who would never be hers, but would be a Saviour to all.

So today I will enjoy my children, i will hold them tight. We will pray for a little girl, and her mother. We will sit tonight and reflect on their sacrifice. We will focus on hope, peace, joy, and love. Then we will eagerly antcipate Christ, as we wait for things to come.


ONE is the loneliest number…….

May 19, 2010

Well, today marks a milestone in our adoption process. We have officially waited one month. Now, I know it seems like so much longer…..all those months spent on the paperchase, but ONE it is. One is very lonely, it is looking for a few months to stand with (you know two, three, and four). Anything to get us closer to the magic number of FIVE and SIX (which is what Gladney is estimating for our wait). Those numbers seem to be happy.

While we wait, our family has had some pretty crazy opportunities placed in front of us. We will be spending the next 12-18 months between here and Puerto Rico for Josh’s job. Sounds exciting, huh? The kids and I will join Josh when they are out of school. When we are in school, Josh will split his time between here and there. We wouldn’t have taken a vacation this year (with the 2 trip policy that cancelled any plans), so it is a HUGE blessing to have this opportunity. I hope the excitement will help the wait time fly by. I know our family will make some incredible memories, and I pray that we have our sweet girl home before the time has ended.

We (which really translates into I) are trying not to will away the time in order to get to her. Trying to remain present is hard sometimes. But, try is what I’ll do. Loving the life that I have, and dreaming of the life that will be. ONE step at a time.


Wait List!!!

April 20, 2010

We are on the official wait list! Our dossier has been forwarded to Washington, D.C. and then on to Ethiopia! The email we received last night stated the wait was still approximately 5 months (we are preparing ourselves for much longer). Can’t believe we have finally reached this point! Not that I want to wish our time away, but I’ve never looked so forward to fall!


Can I get a do over????

April 16, 2010

You want to hear something shocking??? Even though I seem to eat, sleep, drink adoption…I do have other things going on.  You know….laundry, carpool, homework, laundry, karate, ballet, laundry, teenagers, grocery shopping, laundry… get the picture.  And as you would expect, the universe has aligned, and all 3 kids have some major activities Saturday.  It looks something like this:

Orion performs in the State Finals forensic debate tournament starting at 9:30. Fortunately, the State championship is in our town.  Unfortunatly, the only time specifics we have is 9:30-11:00.

Wells who started Tae Kwan Do a while ago is graduating to his first new belt. Guess what time his ceremony starts….yep, 11:00 (across town).

Isabella has her spring ballet performance (1 show only). The Secret Garden doesn’t start until 2, but she has to be there at (I’m sure you’ve guessed) 11:45 with full make-up and hair.

I was hoping for a relaxing Saturday spent in the yard, maybe a BBQ…..okay, okay let’s be honest I’d probably be stalking FBI blogs……So, I was wondering if there is anyway to have a do over.


Blog Stalking

March 29, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. There isn’t much to tell. We are patiently (okay, not really all that patiently) waiting for our I-171. It is the only (ONE & ONLY) document needed to be put on wait list. So, in the mean time I’ve been stalking blogs and dreaming of what my day will look like when I get the call!

I hope the next post I write will be to announce we are officially waiting!!!! Keep your fingers crossed there is a special document in my mailbox.

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